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Burning dummy system experiment process and requirements

Burning dummy system experiment process and requirements

Burning dummy system:
In the research, the burning dummy system "Donghua Fireman" of Donghua University 7 is used. There are 135 high temperature 60 sensors evenly distributed on the surface of the dummy, and all joints can be moved, which can simulate a variety of dressing postures of the human body, and it also has a dynamic simulation function 8. In the combustion simulation laboratory, 6 groups of 12 flamethrowers are distributed around the combustion dummy to simulate the flash fire field. By analyzing the data and heat flow transmitted by each sensor of the fake human body surface in the flash fire experiment, predict the burn level, total burn area and the time of second-degree and third-degree burns on the skin surface of each sensor
Burning dummy system
Thermal imaging camera
Objects with a temperature above absolute zero will form a certain temperature field on the surface 10. Infrared thermal imaging camera can sensitively perceive the infrared radiation on the surface of the object, and can accurately measure the temperature of the surface of the object to be measured 10-11. In this study, Mikron M7604F/M7604G dual-band infrared thermal imaging camera was used to determine the change trend of the surface temperature of the clothing tested in the burning dummy experiment. At the same time, the infrared images and data taken by the thermal imaging camera are analyzed from multiple angles.

Test fabric
The fabric used in the thermal protection experimental clothing in the research is a flame-retardant aramid outer fabric, which is blended with 93% aramid 1313, 5% aramid 1414 and 2% P-140 conductive carbon fiber, which has stable flame retardant performance, Wear resistance and antistatic properties 1-2. In the experiment, three kinds of fabrics with different weights were used to make thermal protective clothing. The basic parameters are shown in Table 1.

Clothing sample
It is the classification, fabric and size code of 10 sets of experimental garments. Among them, garments A, B, and C represent the increase of 80 inches in the latitude direction. The specific garment size details are shown in Table 3.
In this experiment, 10 sets of thermal protective clothing were used as experimental clothing samples. The design and implementation organization of experimental clothing combined with experimental conditions are shown in Table 4. The experiment is carried out according to the relevant requirements of ISO13506-2008

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